Because of the requirement to collect a 20 percent VAT on shipments to the UK, we no longer sell boxed or folio format games to the UK via this web site. If you live in the UK, you can purchase boxed and folio WDG titles from Second Chance Games. WE DO CONTINUE TO FULFILL PNP (PRINT AND PLAY) ORDERS TO THE UK BY EMAIL. In addition, we do continue to sell to other parts of Europe outside of the UK directly from this site.

Our printer is moving his shop which means order fulfillment is delayed. Thank you for your patience.


The First Jihad
The Rise of Islam 632 - 750
The Confederate Rebellion
American Civil War
World War Zed: USA
A Solitaire Strategy Game
Jeff Davis
The Confederacy at War
The Fall of Communism
The Mission
Early Christianity to the Crusades
Mrs. Thatcher's War
The Falklands 1982
The White Tribe
Rhodesia's War 1966 - 1980
The Most Terrible Battle
Borodino 1812
Dog Sector
The D-Day Landing
Albuera 1811
Peninsular War
September Storm
The Invasion of Poland
Second Anglo-Sikh War
War in the West
Vietnam Solitaire
A solitaire game of the Vietnamese War.
The Lion of Khartoum
Gordon's Last Stand

The games in this catalog are not suitable for Ages 12 and Under.

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We print orders on demand. We try to deliver orders to USA addresses in ten days but please allow up to three weeks for overseas delivery. Our games can also be purchased from Noble Knight Games in the USA. In Europe, Second Chance Games. Hexasim, Gamer's HQ, Boutique Agorajeux, and Boutique Philibert distribute WDG games.  These distributors may be able to fill your orders sooner.

We offer a Print-and-Play version of each White Dog Game title. Get your game (and game Vassal module) immediately by return email upon purchase for a fraction of the cost, print it off at home, and begin playing right away. No need to wait for printing and shipping. 

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September Storm

The Invasion of Poland

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