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RECONQUISTA: The Struggle for Moorish Spain


Designed by David Kershaw (Vietnam Solitaire, The Confederate Rebellion), Reconquista is a solitaire game simulating the reconquest of Moorish Spain by various Christian Kingdoms between the 8th and 15th centuries. As the player, you command the armies of Christendom attempting to recapture Spain from the Moors. See the BGG post of Reconquista.

Winner Best War Game 2014 Print-and-Play Solitaire Game Competition

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Game Board
Moorish Army
El Cid
Christian Garrison
Moorish Garrison

Example counters from the game.

A copy of the Vassal module for Reconquista is available with purchase of any format of the game upon request.

Game Features



Random Events






Solitaire Rules

19 Different Scenarios


Game Components


20-Page Rulebook with 19 Scenarios

88 5-8 inch Thick, Laser-Cut Counters and Markers

45 Larger Laser-Cut Markers

17" x 11" Game Map

Player Reference Sheet


Game Credits


Game Design by David Kershaw

Game Map and Box Cover Art by Jose Faura

Counter Art by Gonzalo Santacruz

Play Testing by (BGG IDs) Arctic Dragon, pnpfanatic, Prowler, and slashing

Production by Michael W. Kennedy


Special thanks to Chris Hansen for organizing the 2014 Print-and-Play Solitaire Game Competition


Vassal Module by Art Bennett


Reconquista game components.

Designer David Kershaw has posted a detailed AAR for the game.

Download a copy of the game rules in Spanish here.

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