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"A fun game! I had a brutal loss last night and am anxious to get back to ... The Night! Thanks for your efforts. Fun game. Looks tremendous, too. Props to the artist!" - John A.

The Night

The Night is an exciting and fast-paced board game featuring a group of refugees who are fleeing a widespread outbreak of the undead. As night falls, the refugees find themselves in an “abandoned” middle-class home in a pleasant, midwestern community, perhaps an archetype of small-town Americana, the occupants of the home apparently having wisely fled earlier. The frightened fugitives in our story (herein referred to as “humans”) must defend themselves against slow-moving, but purposeful, flesh-eating creatures (we know them as “zombies”) during the long night, using their wits and whatever weapons or tools that come to hand, to survive until dawn.


The Night is inspired by and pays homage to the George A. Romero cult film classic “Night of the Living Dead”, now in public domain, which played a big role in creating the prolific zombie genre in film, books, and games.


You play the side of the human characters and solitaire rules guide the play of the undead.


The following items are to be found with your game:

  • One 22 x 17-inch Game Board with a one-inch squares grid map of the house and yard where the game is set.

  • 88 single-sided, 5/8th inch counters.

  • One 8-page “Example of Play” booklet.

  • One quick reference sheet.

  • One reference map-sheet of the house with a Turn Track.

  • One 16-page Rules Booklet.

Order WWZ in the same order with The Night and get both Zombie games together for a discount: 95 USD USA, 100 USD CANADA, and 130 USD INTERNATIONAL plus 50 USD PnP. Shipping included.

Great job on The Night. I have it on my table now and it is a ton of fun. Very well done!" Herman L.

"Just dropping a line complimenting this excellent game. Materials are good, tokens came out nice and solid, and plays well. You've got a future customer!" - Simon L.

live tom counter
The Night back Cover
zombie 2
karen zombie

"This is my third game from WDG. Keep up the good work." Chris D.

"Thanks! Wow, the art style is top-notch! Can't wait to get the game (that I ordered) and play it physically." - A. Jeger

Use the drop-down box above to order the game in either boxed or PnP (print-and-play) formats. We do not ship to the UK or the EU because of import duties but we do ship elsewhere in the world (Australia, Switzerland, Japan, Canada, etc.) We also offer a cool, canvas format of the game board. Use the menu to purchase a canvas game  map either with a boxed game or separately. Price in the drop-down box includes shipping.

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