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"I recommend this work is great...great job...another good solitaire game...another fantastic game from White Dog Games."  - Keep Calm and Play

Claws of the Tiger
japanese tank
game features snap.PNG
map snap 1.PNG
British Force C
Japan Force F
japanese strength marker
british tactical marker.
british infantry back

"Your games are great. Keep them coming!" - Salvador P.

malaya map snap.PNG

"(Claws) represents history very well...very enjoyable game...will happily play it again...highly recommended...hard to beat it...played solitaire several times and really enjoyed it...very straight forward stuff from these guys......if looking for a game that can be played in an evening, (Claws) is hard to beat." - Matt White

To order The Claws of the Tiger use the drop-down menu below. The game comes in three formats. Formats are boxed, folio (plastic bag), and print-and-play (PnP). PnP is sent to you by email. Boxed and folio are printed and shipped by mail to your PayPal address. Select the format and shipping destination then click Add to Cart. Payment will be by PayPal. The price shown includes shipping and handling. If the game has a Vassal module, it will be sent to you by email upon request. For international orders, please allow ten days for arrival of your order.

turn marker
activated marker
Dien Bien Phu banner
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