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Lodz 1914 is an operational level war game of the first battle of Lodz in 1914 (11 November to mid-December) for two players. Rules for solitaire play are provided. The German Ninth Army was ordered to attack Russian forces preparing to invade German Silesia. In fierce winter weather, the Germans drove apart the Russian First and Second Armies near Lodz. The Russian Fifth Army marched seventy miles in two days and attacked the German Ninth on its flank, which subsequently had to fight its way out of encirclement. The result was a classic battle of maneuver which historically was a tactical Russian victory but a strategic German win as it kept Russian troops from German soil for the remainder of the war.

""This is a very fun game to play. It flows nicely with a minimum of fuss during movement and combat...What I like most about it is the potential for swings in momentum (another hallmark of the VPG Nap 20 series)...I enjoy how the game gives players a number of tools to draw upon without involving overly complex procedures. This adds a lot of variety to excellent design." - Bob Goddard


Game Design Michael W. Kennedy

Map Art Jose Ramon Faura

Counter Art Antonio Pinar

Development and Play Testing Daniel Rouleau,

Dave Deitch, Bob Goddard, Michael W. Kennedy

Production Michael W. Kennedy

Vassal Module Dave Deitch


8-Page Rulebook

Player Reference Sheet

88 5-8" Counters and Markers

17" x 11" Mapsheet



Air Observation


Cavalry Reaction

Breakthrough Movement

Command Points

Army HQ Units

Broken Units Rally

Corps Breakdown

Cavalry Scouting

Out of Command

Random Events

Turn Weather






Price includes shipping and handling. Select Domestic (US) or International destination. Game comes in boxed or folio (poly-bag) and print-and-play (PnP) formats.

A Vassal module for the game is available with purchase upon request.

Lodz 3-D web box .png

"...this game is worth buying and playing for the "study" aspect of it...except it's also so darn fun!" - Smitty,

Panzer Digest 

A section of the Lodz 1914 game map.

"Lodz is a game easy to overlook. East Front WW I, no movies, no great accounts of this campaign, no grand, sweeping easy hook for Lodz to attract the casual gamer. That's a real shame as Lodz impressed me by the 2nd night of playing as I could come back to the game and not have to immerse myself again in the rules just to get up to speed to try and play. Now that was a pleasant surprise but everything works. The "chrome" is layered in seamlessly, so that you are more concerned about playing as a commander than playing the game system. Lodz is a small game with a huge fun factor. Be very surprised at how fast the momentum can shift, leaving you aghast at your sudden change of fortunes. If you like WWI games it's a must and if you look for something new as a pleasant diversion, you won't be disappointed."

- Smitty, Panzer Digest

I'Game Components (Older cover shown.)

A section of the Lodz countersheet.

                                           WORLD WAR I TRILOGY
                                             (Three Boxed Games)
                           The Russian Empire Strikes Back: Lodz 1914
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