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Napoleon at Waterloo is a game in the series Solitaire General. Designed by David Kershaw (The Mog, Pyrates, The Night, Irish Freedom, WWZ), Napoleon at Waterloo puts you, the player, at the head of the French forces at Waterloo, and provides solitaire rules to determine the behavior of your British and Dutch, and Prussian opponents. You must defeat these determined foes while still keeping as much of your force in tact as possible to then face the Russians and Austrians.

  • Game Rules Fully Illustrated 32 Pages

  • Game Map 22 Inches x 17 Inches

  • Counters Full Sheet Front and Back

  • Counters Half Sheet Front and Back

  • Quick Play Sheet 4 Pages

  • Playthrough Demo 12 Pages

  • Force Sheet 1 Page

  • One Red and Seven Blue Dice

We do not sell direct to Europe (except Switzerland) or Great Britain because of onerous import duties. Our international destinations are Asia, New Zealand, Australia, and Central and South America. We also sell to Canada. Our games can be purchased in Great Britain from Second Chance Games and from Hexasim and Agorajeux in Europe. Please contact those sellers for information concerning price and availability in Europe and Great Britain.

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"Already ordered it right when it went online on WDG's site! There are three reasons why I didn't waste a second: Dave Kershaw, WDG and BP. With this combination I don't need to know more to feel assured I'll get highest quality, both in regards to the game itself and in production values." - Alexander J.

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