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"Bonaparte in Italy has the merit of simply and effectively simulating Wurmser's offensive and Bonaparte's counter-attack. The tension is there and both players will constantly have to make difficult decisions, exactly as in reality...The artillery destroys, the cavalry pursues...Without excessive complexity, all the fundamentals of the combat of the time are there." - Vae Victis

Bonaparte in Italy

IN 1796, the young French Republic was no longer at bay, having knocked Prussia, the Netherlands and Tuscany out of the War of the First Coalition. However, the French were still facing their long-time and toughest opponents: England and Austria.


Challenging the English in the high seas was out of the question, because the French fleet was no longer a match for the Royal Navy. Therefore, the French Directory ruled that the best chance for victory was a decisive land campaign to force Austria to sue for peace.


Two large French armies commanded by experienced Generals Jourdan and Moreau were to advance into Germany toward Vienna. In the meantime, a small French force was to undertake a diversionary movement in Northern Italy. This operation, on a lesser theater, was entrusted to a young Corsican General named Napoleon Bonaparte.


However, while the main French armies eventually stalled in Germany, Bonaparte gained international fame when his Army of Italy defeated the Sardinian and Austrian troops during the Campaign of Montenotte, forcing a peace on Sardinia. Bonaparte then captured Milan and laid siege to the Austrian fortress city of Mantua. The Austrians reacted by dispatching an army under one of their ablest commanders, General Dagobert Sigismund, Count von Wurmser, with the intention of relieving Mantua and teaching the upstart French General a lesson, setting the stage for what was later known as the Castiglione Campaign. 

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"The Art of War consists, for an outnumbered army, in always having more forces than the enemy where one attacks or where one is attacked." – Napoleon Bonaparte.

To order NAPOLEON IN ITALY, use the drop-down menu below. The game comes in three formats: boxed, folio (plastic bag), and print-and-play (PnP). PnP is sent to you by email. Boxed and folio are printed and shipped by mail to your PayPal address. Select the format and shipping destination then click Add to Cart. The price shown includes shipping and handling. A Vassal module of the game will be sent by email upon request. 

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