"The Mission (is) a tremendous elaboration of the States of Siege system and as a synopsis of one thousand years of what-ifs. All the better that it’s Madison’s sharpest design by far, and ties together its disparate traditions and heresies into a single digestible bite. Plenty of historical games capture a moment. Few succeed so totally at representing the vital essence of a religion’s longue durée." from I Hope They Call Me on the MIssion 

(Space Biff)

"I received The Mission, boxed edition, last week and I absolutely love it. It consumed my whole weekend." - Micah J. 

THE MISSION: Early Christianity from the Crucifixion to the Crusades


The Mission is a “grand strategy” solitaire game by Ben Madison (Gorbachev, N, The White Tribe, The First Jihad, and more)  covering almost 1,300 years of Christian history. While the secular world of empires and politics plays out around you, your apostles and missionaries spread the faith, translating the Bible and converting areas of the map to Christianity. Each turn covers several decades. The flow of play teaches players about the expansion and doctrinal battles of early Christianity while you build institutions like universities, hospitals, and monasteries to educate, heal, and inspire the societies you touch.

     Internally, heresies and schisms in the Church will try to thwart your plans while external forces threaten you. Pressing against you are barbarian hordes, some of which you may convert. And when the armies of Islam arrive, the game changes from one of missionary outreach to one of survival, as Christian communities hunker down under siege during the long Dark Ages. Perhaps you will rise again in a blaze of

glory as Christendom finally fights back, using the Crusades and the Spanish Reconquista to recover lost provinces!

     Beginners and experienced gamers will find this an intriguing and very different kind of game. While certainly a war of ideas, it is still very much a war game, where victory depends upon managing scarce resources (including Holy Relics!) and making shrewd strategic decisions to benefit the Church. The Mission is a power-politics overview of the Early Church from its beginnings through the Crusades, but one that never loses sight of the importance of church-building

and pastoral ministry.

"Ordered The Mission, it was a fun and challenging game to playtest; quite possibly the richest SoS experience out there. A richly thematic and terrific game."

- Steve C.

Each game sold now includes

the XL game map (22" x 17").

The Mission is available in boxed, folio and PnP formats and can be shipped to a domestic or international destination. Use one of the drop-down boxes below to order your copy of the game. Shipping and handling are included in the price. You will be notified by email when your order has been placed. Allow a week to ten days for shipping, a little more for international destinations. PnP orders will be sent by email delivery a day or two upon payment. 


22" x 17" Game Map

176 5-8" Double-Sided Counters and Markers

16-Page Full Color Rule Book

1 Counter Tray Card

1 Acts Track Card

1 Sequence of Play Reference Card

1 Double-Side Set Up Sheet

"This is my first game from White Dog & Ben Madison and I absolutely love it ! This is an amazing design on a very intriguing subject." - Marc P.

22" x 17" XL The Mission Map Now in All New Orders

Get Your Copy of the XL The Mission Game Map

This special edition (XL) of the game map for The Mission (left) is a large 22" x 17" done by master game artist Jonathan Carnehl. Four counters can now sit in each map box. This version also has a nice "wood" boundary that frames it. Select your shipping destination from the drop down box below. The XL map comes with all new games sold but can be purchased separately here for those who bought the game with the smaller map and want to upgrade to this larger size.

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"I have played the game twice now and really like it." Grant, The Player's Aid