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A game by award-winning designer* R. Ben Madison, Don't Tread On Me! is a grand strategy solitaire simulation of the American Revolutionary War. Available in boxed, folio (poly-bag), and print-and-play formats. See "The Critics Are Raving!" below.


"A winner..." SingleHandedWarfare

"...highly playable - and fun..." David Kershaw, Game Designer (World War Zeds, The Confederate Rebellion, and more)

* Charles S. Roberts Award for WWI Game Death in the Trenches

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A free copy of the Vassal module for Don't Tread on Me! is available with purchase of any format of the game.

Game Components

88 Thick, Laser-Cut Counters and Markers

16-Page Rulebook

17" x 22" Game Map

Double-Sided Scenarios Sheet

Dice NOT Provided


Game Features

Land and Naval Combat

City Sieges

Rebel Campaigning

Loyalist Strongholds

Random Events

Battle Effects on Congress




Congress and State Politics

Canada Invasion

Winter Turn Attrition

French Intervention

and More!

Select the game format and shipping destination from the drop down box below. Domestic is a US destination. Folio is the game shipped without a game box.

"This game though takes a very different perspective on the conflict as the player plays as the British side along with American Loyalist forces against the forces of George Washington and the Continental Congress as controlled by the game system’s AI. I really like this one as it is not only about battle, although it does definitely have its share of conflict, but it features a number of interesting aspects about the revolution including political control, state loyalty levels which change over time and due to events and the outcomes of battles, and even a system dealing with the naval aspect of the conflict in dealing with smugglers and their attempt to bring the rebels arms and ammunition." - Grant Kleinhenz, The Player's Aid

Download DTOM Rules

DTOM games purchased from March 12, 2015 forward will include the Second Edition rules, optional rules, errata, and the new shorter scenario. However, if you would like to purchase a printed Rules-Only Package consisting of the above items to update a game purchased before March 12, 2015, please contact us and we will send you an invoice for 15 USD which would include shipping.

Judd Vance has also posted a video review of DTOM on BGG.

A video review of Don't Tread on Me! by SingleHandedWarfare

"...packs an historical wallop...dripping with historical chrome...the AI works brilliantly...really good game...a winner...a thumb's up!"



"Eight days from payment to delivery in Switzerland. For a reasonable shipping price as well. That's great! Super happy with how the games arrived. Already played Don't Tread On Me and I love the game.Will order again. Thanks!" - Phil P.


Alternate game board available

    for free download on BGG.

"Don’t Tread On Me is a very interesting strategic-level solitaire simulation of the American Revolution from White Dog Games designed by one of my favorite solo game designers R. Ben Madison... Overall, the game is a really interesting and excellent experience and is one of the most interesting strategic-level games on the Revolution that I have a played. The design really does a great job or incorporating elements from history into the game play and I love the various events that can happen and change the game considerably from turn to turn. It keeps you on your toes for sure and combines the military and political parts of the war well. I also really like that it teaches the player events of the war which would otherwise might not be known." - Grant, The Player's Aid


Read the following reactions to Don’t Tread On Me! posted on Board Game Geek.

"...a fantastic solo game. Definitely in my top five." - D.R.


“Excellent game, one of the best solitaire games I have played.” – T.C.

“Highly procedural, but tense and strong narrative. Lots of historical chrome.” – W.H.

“I had an absolute blast playing this. The amount of historical insight compressed into such a small package is astounding. I also really appreciated the little historical contexts in the rules, explaining why certain design decisions were taken. There is also a good set of design notes at the end.” – David Kershaw

“An excellent solo wargame! Big replay value.” – C.D.

“Very informative take on the American Revolution. Captures the dynamics in an interesting way. Tells a story.” – B.F.

“This is a lesson to all gamers that not all excellent games come from larger publishing houses or famous designers. I never, ever grow bored with it. The history poured into it's gameplay is jaw-dropping. Its price-point is very reasonable and I urge anyone who is interested in war-games or in the American Revolutionary War period to buy this game.” – D.O.

“Best American Revolution title that I have ever played, especially considering the small footprint. Remarkable.” – S.C.

“This is one terrific game! I have played a number of Revolutionary War games, and in my opinion, this is the best of them (including Washington’s War). To me, it has everything: combat, economics, politics, changing colony alliances between the Rebels and Britain, excellent effects using militia, varying unit types which fight differently in different terrain (a major part of the decision-making, but hardly all of it), strategy, naval battles, smugglers, dragoons, the works. Very easy to play, deep in decision-making. The AI works extremely well. This is one of the few solitaire war games that I play where I curse when I get a bad outcome to a battle, and literally cheer when I get a good one! It feels so good to earn a hard-won victory on the battlefield. If you are looking for on outstanding game on the Revolutionary War, and most particularly an excellent solitaire war game, you might want to give Don’t Tread On Me some serious consideration. These days I only play solitaire games, and to me, this is one of the best of the best.” – D.G.

"Don't Tread On Me! is a rich experience, immersing the player in the history and decision points of the American War of Independence
It is a great game that cleverly integrates a wide range of historical factors into an outstanding gaming experience. Brings together an astounding amount of historical interest and detail into a single, highly playable - and fun - wargame.
Bravo to Mr. Madison!" - David Kershaw, Game Designer


"This little known gem should be in the collection of anyone with an interesting in solitaire gaming or the American Revolution. The game does take a bit of a commitment till you feel comfortable with the aspects of each phase of a turn. However, despite the multiple moving parts, the game has a great flow to it. It’s quite intense to deploy your units to vie for control of each region and then hope your units can withstand the wave of rebels in the upcoming turn. You’ll relish the might of the British navy and scorn the intervention of the rival French. It’s a superbly detailed system that doesn’t feel systematic."  - N.C.

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