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A game by award-winning designer David Kershaw, The Confederate Rebellion is a grand strategy solitaire simulation of the American Civil War. Game development, additional scenarios, and art by Steve Kling. Available in boxed, folio (poly-bag), and print-and-play formats.

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Game Components

120 Two-sided Counters and Markers

8-Page Rulebook

17" x 11" Game Board

Double-Sided Scenarios Sheet


Game Features

Build, Move and Combat Phases

Sacking Union Generals

Fleet and River Movement

Gunboat Combat

Fort Neutralization

Three Scenarios: 1862, 1863, and 1864

Rebel Blockade Runners and Commerce Raiders

Cavalry Units

The McClellan Rule

Two-Player Rules

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Vassal module for The Confederate Rebellion

available with purchase of game upon request.

* BGG Best Wargame - 2013 Print-and-Play Solitaire Game Contest (Irish Freedom)

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"Remarkable...a very high endorsement." - Marco

"The Confederate Rebellion is one of those addicting all works ingeniously well thanks to a fluid and simple system..." - Pascal Toupy

The Confederate Rebellion is "a fun game...captivating...tense, interesting game play that has variety...very high endorsement..." - Marco

"I like your games. The Confederate Rebellion has been a lot of fun to play. First complete game was yesterday and Lee took Washington DC darn it! Oh well looking forward to playing it again." - Jeff J.

"With straightforward playthrough and mechanics, TCR manages to bring the Civil War atmosphere to conflict scale, and all with just eight pages of rules. In addition, around ten variants are available to players who would like to add more chrome to the game, including a variant for two players! In TCR, you really feel like you are with your staff in the White House and you have to constantly find the right balance in spending your resources. Of course each battle won is a breath of fresh air but victory can only be decided by succeeding in stifling the rage of the Southerners by depriving them of economic resources thanks to the blockade and the control of the vital  Mississippi. The military, logistical and economic elements are there, and it all works ingeniously well thanks to a fluid and simple system. This allows you to do a lot of different things, but of course never enough to cover everything you need to do. The Confederate Rebellion is one of those addicting games where you don't lift your head until you've finished the game and taken a healthy dose of positive tension." - Pascal Toupy (Translated from the French)

"Please allow me to compliment you and your company. THE CONFEDERATE REBELLION is a truly elegant game. It’s simplicity makes it wonderful to play, yet there are so many aspects to it that it is far from simple! The decisions are interesting and require thought and planning. I finished my second game and only lost due to a 6 roll for the confederate build phase for them to retain a single build point. I haven’t explored any of the variant rules or counters but am sure I will. Thanks for this gem!!!" - Joe L.

VaeVictis 155 review of The Confederate Rebellion

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