A game by award-winning designer* David Kershaw, The Confederate Rebellion is a grand strategy solitaire simulation of the American Civil War. Game development, additional scenarios, and art by Steve Kling. Available in boxed, folio (poly-bag), and print-and-play formats.

Game Components

120 Two-sided Counters and Markers

8-Page Rulebook

17" x 11" Game Board

Double-Sided Scenarios Sheet


Game Features

Build, Move and Combat Phases

Sacking Union Generals

Fleet and River Movement

Gunboat Combat

Fort Neutralization

Three Scenarios: 1862, 1863, and 1864

Rebel Blockade Runners and Commerce Raiders

Cavalry Units

The McClellan Rule

Two-Player Rules

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Vassal module for The Confederate Rebellion

available with purchase of game upon request.

* BGG Best Wargame - 2013 Print-and-Play Solitaire Game Contest (Irish Freedom)


Game Design - David Kershaw

Development, Scenarios, Game Art - Steve Kling

Development - Chris Hansen

Production - Michael W. Kennedy

Vassal Module - Art Bennett

Video review by Marco.

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"Remarkable." - Marco

The Confederate Rebellion is "a fun game...captivating...tense, interesting game play that has variety...very high endorsement..." - Marco

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