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Easily the most famous engagement of the Civil War, Pickett’s Charge was the high-water mark of the Confederacy. A frontal attack across open ground by 12,000 - 15,000 men against the center of the Union line in the teeth of withering artillery and infantry fire, Pickett’s Charge was the defining moment of the battle of Gettysburg and, although militarily futile, represents to many the courage and glory of the Confederate soldier.


Pickett’s Charge: The Last Attack at Gettysburg JUly 3, 1863 is a beer-and-pretzel, solitaire simulation at the brigade level of the historical events of July 3, 1863.  The Player commands the Confederate side while the Union side follows solitaire rules. Besides the historical scenario, there are four other scenarios: Effective Confederate Bombardment, Culp's Hill Coordinated Attack, Additional Infantry Support, and J.E.B. Stuart's Cavalry. Play time: one hour once rules are learned.

Game Components

Four-Page Rule Book

One-Page Scenarios and Terrain Sheet

88 Five-Eights Inch Square Thick Double-Sided Counters

One 17"  x 11"  Hexagonal Game Map


Pickett's Charge is available in boxed, folio and PnP formats and the boxed and folio formats can be shipped to a domestic, Canadian, or international destination. Use the drop-down box below to order your copy of the game. Shipping and handling are included in the price. A copy of the Vassal module for the game will be provided by email delivery upon request with purchase of any format of the game. PnP orders will be sent by email delivery upon payment. 

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"Pickett's Charge (is)...a great initiation to the period and war gaming in general." -- Vae Victis

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"I love Picket's Charge for simulation, strategy, ease of play and being able to knock a game out quickly (not a 6-hour marathon)." - Tom U.

"A brilliant game...more than happy..." - Simon W.

"...interesting decisions...enjoyable, entertaining, fun...captures the theme well..." - Marco

"Lord I love playing this game despite knowing I'm going to get my head handed to me. Surprisingly fun - and surprisingly accurate in terms of results and play. It's like playing pinball, for you find yourself just wanting to play one more game. " - Smitty


Read the full review by Smitty of Panzer Digest.

"This is a solo game covering the ill-fated charge during the last day of Gettysburg. The rules describe it as a Beer and Pretzels game and that's pretty accurate. Fun but not too deep. It's easy to learn the rules and get playing quickly."

- Chris Hansen in his After Action Report 

Read the full AAR by Chris Hansen.

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