The design concept of Albuera 1811 provides an innovative Napoleonic tactical simulation while keeping the game simple. The game map is very beautiful. There are a lot of 'what if' options, providing the game with a good replay value. Vae Victis Magazone

Lines of Battle is an exciting new game system by David Kershaw that simulates Napoleonic battles at the tactical level. Albuera 1811 is the first game in a planned series of Lines of Battle Games. A two-player game with units that represent the Spanish, English, French and Portuguese forces at the battle, Albuera 1811 is played on an area map. Units are infantry, cavalry, and artillery with markers for leaders, square formations, and limbered/unlimbered artillery. Mr. Kershaw is the designer of the popular games Solitaire Caesar, Reconquista, The Confederate Rebellion, and Vietnam Solitaire. Games formats are boxed, folio (plastic-bag) and print-and-play. A Vassal module of the game is available with a purchased game upon request.

Select the desired format (boxed, folio, print-and-play) and destination from the drop-down menu below to pay by PayPal. Price shown includes shipping for boxed and folio formats. 

Click here for a video review of Albuera 1811 by Matt White.

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