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Our canvas game maps are amazing. They are not going to tear or crease like a paper map. They can roll up to be put away if you want. They lie flat when in use. Durable, beautiful, utilitarian.

Did I say they are amazing?

We can include a canvas game map in the game box of your game order. Or we can send you a canvas game map separately (or with one or two other canvas maps).

Pricing is below. A canvas map comes in the same size as the game's paper map.

Canvas Map Size        With Boxed     Separate 

                                           Game         Domestic


17" x 11"                               12                16

17" x 22"                               14                18

Up to and incl. 22" x 34"     23                28                           

If you would like a canvas map for a game, contact us at and we will send you a PayPal invoice for convenient payment.

white tribe canvas map
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