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2019 Charles S. Roberts Best Solitaire/Cooperative Wargame Nominee

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"Jeff Davis is absolutely fantastic."

   - Grant (Players Aid)

"An insightful and fun experience which you will want to play again and again...I wholeheartedly recommend picking up Jeff Davis if you’re a solo gamer with an interest in history (and, even if you aren't, this game might change that!). Jeff Davis is another gem in Ben Madison’s growing library of interesting titles." Christian S. on BoardGameGeek

Jeff Davis: The Confederacy at War is a solitaire board war game designed by Charles S. Roberts Award-winner R. Ben Madison. You play President Jefferson Davis, managing the Confederate government and the Southern war effort. Your choices help determine the fate of great armies and the titanic struggle between Lee and Grant as well as peripheral or more dispersed campaigns like Morgan’s Ohio raid and Indian Territory. Decide which famous generals are worthy of scarce artillery and ironclads resources, while you unleash bushwhackers behind Union lines and rush reinforcements into battle on your rickety rail network. Back in Richmond, you’ll push the Confederate Congress to enact your reforms and overcome the inefficiency of States’ Rights as you defend key cities vital to your political survival. Dispatch your cabinet members as economic troubleshooters to prop up agriculture, industry and infrastructure for the war effort. Slavery is a major factor in your economy, but you will pay for most of your actions through the cat-and-mouse game of blockade running. Choose which armies to supply or if to invade the North as you calculate where the next Union hammer might fall. Can you hold out long enough to trigger British and French intervention? Re-fight the Civil War as Jeff Davis!

"Big time, one-more-turn, addictive quality to this game; the time (about 4 hours) flew by. I really like it a lot, quite an elegant design." - Steve C.

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To order Jeff Davis: The Confederacy at War use the drop-down menu below. The game comes in three formats. Formats are boxed, folio (plastic bag), and print-and-play (PnP). PnP is sent to you by email. Boxed and folio are printed and shipped by mail to your PayPal address. Select the format and shipping destination then click Add to Cart. Payment will be by PayPal. The price shown includes shipping and handling. If the game has a Vassal module, it will be sent to you by email upon request. For international orders, please allow ten days for arrival of your order.

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"A good solo game which packs sufficient fun and some difficult decision-making into a small package." - Sam S.  See his AAR of four Jeff Davis game plays.

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