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"Overall, I am pleased with the game and will happily play it again...The game is described as introductory and is delivered in four pages of rules. Considering that combination, I feel there is quite a bit of system here that is punching above its weight for an introductory game...This is a two player game, that like many two player games, plays fine solitaire. I played this game solo and did not come across any barriers to such play...I like that a simple / small game is in fact not superficial in nature and has some depth to the play. So just move the complexity rating up one notch and enjoy." - Battlefields and Warriors (Norm)




The advance of the Prussian IV Corps led by Bulow threatened the French right flank and rear near the town of Plancenoit during the battle of Waterloo. Napoleon was forced to take much-needed troops from his front against the Allies under Wellington to hold back Bulow. In effect, he traded men for time. Crisis on the Right: Plancenoit 1815 is a tactical simulation of those events on Sunday, June 18, 1815.

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Available is a Vassal module for Crisis on the Right: Plancenoit 1815 created by Art Bennett. The module is complimentary upon request with purchase of any game format.

Prices in menu below includes shipping and handling. Select Domestic (US) or International destination. The game comes in boxed, folio (poly-bag), and print-and-play (PnP) formats.

"Really enjoyed (the game)."
- Matt White

See Matt White video review below.

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4-Page Rulebook

Player Reference Sheet

147 Double-Sided 5-8" Counters and Markers

17" x 11" Game Board



Brigade and Division Level

Action Points

Variable Length Turns



Step Loss

Rally Actions

Cavalry Reaction Movement

Infantry Unit Breakdown

Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery Unit Types

Group Movement

Organizational Defensive Support

Prussian and French Reinforcements

Defend the Town Scenario (Shorter Game)






"An enjoyable game, where on this small map, everything mattered, each hex and situation took on its own importance." - Battlefields and Warriors (Norm)

"Really enjoyed (the game)...streamlined mechanics, great components...definitely has that Napoleonic feel that I look for in a Napoleonic game...plays solitaire really well...on the lighter is nice to play a game that focuses on a part of Waterloo rather than the whole campaign." -  from Matt White video review of Crisis on the Right.

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