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Nominated for Best Strategic Game in 2023 and Nominated for Best Solitaire Game in 2023

Global War
A game from R. Ben Madison, the designer of The Mission.

"Just fantastic. The best role-playing game I've ever played. Just crazy good!" - Jamey Cribbs

"... a fun and challenging game covering the salient themes of the actual war..." The Boardgames Chronicle

A grand strategic solitaire war game, GLOBAL WAR: World War II Worldwide 1939-1945 lets you fight all of World War II in one three-hour sitting!


Smaller scenarios can be played in less time.

You can fight epic carrier battles in the Pacific while Panzer armies roll across the Eastern Front. You will use wartime leaders like Churchill and Stalin to achieve military goals from Western Europe and Russia to Ethiopia, China, and Southeast Asia. Build fleets of convoys to offset German U-Boats. Support armed partisan resistance. Employ the unique talents of generals like Patton, Montgomery, MacArthur, and Zhukov to defy fascist aggressors. Wage the Battle of Britain in a struggle for control of the skies. Task your scientists to develop the A-Bomb. Conduct bombing missions to batter Axis industrial capacity and morale as Axis offensives in Europe, Africa, China, the Pacific, and Russia challenge your own morale. Land on the beaches at Normandy. Fight epic battles at Stalingrad, Imphal, and Guadalcanal. All to determine the fate of the globe –


-- for this is GLOBAL WAR!

Global War Map snap


-17x22" Color Global Map

-20 Page Color Rule Book

-176 Double-Sided Color Counters (5/8")

-1939/1943 Scenarios Double-Sided Setup Sheet 

"1 Counter Tray" Card

-1 Double-Sided Evening Telegraph Sheet

Expanded Rules and (minimal!) Errata

We do not ship direct to the EU or Great Britain due to onerous import duties. However, we do ship international direct to Australia, NZ, Central and South America, and Canada as well as domestic in the USA.

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