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Anzio is grand tactical simulation of the first weeks of the Allied invasion of Italy at Anzio-Nettuno when Allied forces defended and attempted to expand the beachhead against aggressive German opposition. The game has rules for solitaire play.

The opposing armies at Anzio were German forces under Field Marshall Albert Kesselring and Allied forces under Major General John Porter Lucas. The goal of the Anzio and Nettuno amphibious landings on January 22, 1944, was to outflank the German Winter Line and open the way to Rome. The initial landings were unopposed, but an overly cautious Allied command kept the invaders on the beach, giving Kesselring ample time to surround them.   

The resulting fight developed to first hold and then expand the beachhead.

anzio new map snap.png
british 1st division B.png
US 3rd infantry.png
combardment target marker.png
attack marker.png
anzio new back cover snap.png
turn axis side.png
16th SS.png

Use the drop-down box above to order the game in either boxed or PnP (print-and-play) formats. We do not ship to the UK or the EU because of import duties but we do ship elsewhere in the world (Australia, Switzerland, Japan, Canada, Mexico, etc.) If you will request it by email we will sell you the folio version of the game which sells for 41/53 USD domestic and international. We also offer a beautiful and practical canvas format of the game board. Use the menu to purchase a canvas game  map either with a boxed game or separately.

Prices shown in the drop down box include shipping.

Anzio: The Fight for the Beachhead is an update of the popular 2014 White Dog game. It includes new map and counter art and new scenarios.

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