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"We are enjoying your Borodino game which I bought recently, a very nice playable game which really has a lot of action and tension and Napoleonic flavor in only four pages of rules - nice job !" - Steve R.  

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“Of all my fifty battles, the most terrible was the one I fought at Moscow (Borodino).” - Napoleon

The Most Terrible Battle: Borodino 1812 is an introductory game at the division level of perhaps Napoleon’s most famous battle next to Waterloo. The game includes the meeting engagement of September 5, 1812 as well as the main battle of Borodino fought two days later. The game design is suited for beginners and more experienced players alike as it includes features such as square formations, heavy cavalry charges. The game map includes terrain such as the Fleches, and the Shevardino and Grand Redoubts. There are Cossack and garrison units. In each turn, there is a non-active player reaction phase for the inactive player to react to the active players moves. The game map for Borodino is based on a modified style and color of maps favored by historians in the decades immediately after the battle.

There are three types of combat counters: infantry, artillery, and cavalry. The relative strength of a combat unit is indicated by combat strength points (SPs), which are represented by the larger number printed on each unit counter.

A unit may have multiple steps of decreasing strength over one or more counters. A counter representing a unit at reduced strength is indicated by a thin bar under the unit ID bar. Heavy cavalry units are designated by a red H on their counters and receive a bonus in cavalry charges.

The game includes the following:

  • a 22 x 24-inch hexagonal game map of the Borodino battlefield,

  • a counter sheet containing 176 double-sided combat counters and markers,

  • an 8-page Examples of Play book,

  • a Turn Track and CRT card,

  • a double-sided Setup Sheet,

  • 2 double-sided Tables and Charts cards (one for each player),

  • a 4-page Rules Book.

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"(I would like) to report ... just how much I like this game. In fact, it may be my favorite White Dog game to date (and I have quite a few ).


  The system is simple and elegant. Not many games get so much out of a single 1d6! I like the map and actually am not critical of the lack of green woods as I initially was before playing.


    There’s a lot happening in this (game) but

despite that, I didn’t find it to require too much die rolling. There are decisions galore for both sides regarding both maneuver and battle.


    I highly recommend this game and will be reporting as such on The BGG site. I rate it a 9.


    Thanks (to White Dog) for another great game. I look forward to more." - Joseph L.

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Section of the

24" x 22" game map.

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"Overall, I really like it and can see it getting played often. It won’t make that midweek short session unless I play the smaller scenario, but I don’t mind that. It will certainly do for our Friday night face-to-face session, in which I am trying to find games that will play to a conclusion and give a good game. I just don’t see the point anymore of playing a game to get half way through, only to have to pack it up and say ‘well, I think the game was going this way’ etc. Borodino will give a full game and be interesting and engaging, capturing the subject nicely." Battlefields and Warriors

To order THE MOST TERRIBLE BATTLE: Borodin 1812, use the drop-down menu below. The game comes in two formats: boxed and print-and-play (PnP). PnP is sent to you by email. Boxed is printed and shipped by mail to your PayPal address. Select the format and shipping destination then click Add to Cart. Payment will be by PayPal. A Vassal module of the game will be sent by email upon request. 

The price shown includes shipping and handling.

Game Setup Sheet

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