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          Hastings 1066


William the Bastard of Normandy coveted England. So he built a large fleet and, on a westerly wind, sailed an army to Pevensey.   As he marched inland, his mixed force of mercenaries from Brittany, France and Normandy met Saxon king Harold Godwinson and his huscarls and fyrd near Hastings. The Saxons occupied a rise that blocked the road to London later called Senlac (Blood Lake) Ridge. Facing the invaders was the Saxon shield wall...
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Vassal Snap - Vassal Mod by Art Bennett

Shield Wall: Hastings 1066 is a tactical simulation of the battle that determined the fate of England. The main ideas emphasized in the game by designer Michael W. Kennedy are the effects of the Saxon shield wall, the limited arrow supply of Norman archers and their relative ineffectiveness, the advantage held by the Saxon side of the high ground, the withdrawals (or “routs”) of Normans from their assault of Saxon positions on hill terrain and their potentially undisciplined pursuit by Saxon warriors, the requirement for battlefield space management by the Norman side, and the important role leaders played.

140 5/8” Die-Cut Counters and Markers

22” x 17” Game Map in Two 17” x 11” Sections

Four-Page Rule Book


Shield Wall Game Components
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