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Please send an email to if you would like confirmation that your order has been received. We will send confirmation by return email.

If you order a game in PnP (print-and-play) format, we will send you the game files by email. Please send an email to so that we will have your email address.

Shipping is included in the game price.


If you have a question about the delivery of your order, or the components in a game or order, please contact Blue Panther ( We at White Dog Games submit your orders to Blue Panther for fulfillment and have nothing to do with when your order is printed and shipped or where it might be in transit, and can only refer you to Blue Panther. Due to heavy demand for WDG games and occasional slowdowns in today's shipping industry, please allow extra time for delivery and, if possible, order in advance.


We offer a Print-and-Play version of each White Dog Game title as well as boxed editions. Get your game (and game Vassal module) by return email upon purchase for a fraction of the cost, print it off at home, and begin playing right away. No need to wait for your game to be shipped to you. 

Order three or more boxed games in a single order and get a ten percent discount.


Due to the 20 percent VAT on shipments to the UK and Europe, we no longer sell to the UK and Europe via this web site. If you live in the UK or Europe, you can purchase boxed WDG titles from Second Chance Games, Hexasim, Agorajeux, Gamers HQ and other stores. WE DO CONTINUE TO FULFILL PNP (PRINT AND PLAY) ORDERS TO THE UK AND EUROPE BY EMAIL. In addition, we continue to sell directly via this web site to individual customers to Switzerland, Canada, Central and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Asia. 

Vassal modules are available upon request with purchase of the game for most titles.

The games in this catalog are not suitable for Ages 12 and Under. We do not ship dice in our games due to government regulations.

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