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Suddenly, panicked interplanetary calls for help were heard from Mars. A frightening alien menace known as the Fermitians - named after the astronomer Enrico Fermi – had attacked the planet and had occupied it within a matter of hours.


It soon became clear that the Fermitians were planning the  complete destruction of the Red Planet, using a massive bomb referred to as the Doomsday Device.


On another front, it was detected that a second alien invasion fleet was heading full speed toward the Earth's Moon.


There was only one way to deal with this coordinated invasion - send in the Volters!


The 324th Volter Regiment is an elite reaction force that was created for this kind of interplanetary mission. With the support of the heavy Starcruiser “Skybreach”, the Volters have been ordered to Mars and the Moon.


Volters Lead the Way! is an exciting solitaire tactical game in which you, as the Commander of the 324th Volter Regiment, must lead elite Rangers in an attempt to save Mars and the Earth's Moon and stop the alien invasion of the solar system before the Earth herself becomes in danger.


  • 2 – 17” x 22” Game Maps (one for Mars and one for the Moon)

  • 70 – 1” Combat Unit and Facility Counters (Volter, Fermitian, Martian Colony Settlements and Lunar Research Stations)

  • 108 – 5/8” Miscellaneous Unit Counters and Game Markers

  • 27 – Action Cards

  • 1 – Player Aid Card

  • 1 – Rulebook


  • Unique “Push-Your-Luck” core game mechanics that challenge you to balance risk and reward

  • Multiple Modes of Play – Solitaire, 2-player, and 3-player Cooperative and Semi-Cooperative

  • Three Scenarios each with three Difficulty Level options (Easy, Standard and Brutal)

  • Random Alien Unit deployments

  • Variable map terrain features

  • Four types of Volter units, each with different abilities

  • Nine types of Alien units, each with unique characteristics

  • Players can organize Volter companies as they wish with each game

  • Random events create multiple gameplay opportunities and challenges

  • Variable Fire and Close Combat resolution systems

  • Carefully researched and highly realistic simulation of the tactics used against the Fermitians


1-3 Players

1-2 Hours

Ages 13+

Solitaire Suitability: 10

Complexity: 4


Game Design: Hermann Luttmann

Game Development: Fred Manzo

Game and Box Art: Tim Allen

Production: Michael W. Kennedy

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