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Remember the Alamo! Is a simulation of the April 20 – 21, 1836 engagements between the Mexican army under General Santa Anna and the Texian army led by General Sam Houston that resulted in Texas independence from Mexico. General Santa Anna, fresh from his victory over the Texians at the Alamo, is met by Sam Houston's Texian Army on the banks of the San Jacinto River.


One 22 x 17 inch Game Map

176 Double-sided Counters and Markers

4 Pages of Rules

4 Scenarios in Addition to Basic Game

   . Capture the Canon

   . Full Engagement

   . King of the Ridge

   . Santa Anna Attacks

Price includes shipping and handling. Select among domestic (US), Canada, or international destinations. We are currently not shipping direct to the EU or Britain due to import duties. The game comes in boxed and print-and-play (PnP) formats. PnP is sent via email within two or three days from purchase.

san jacinto map
san jacinto counters

Game Features

Two-Player Game

Day One and Day Two Basic Games

Turn Initiative

Side Activation

Offensive/Defensive Fire Combat

Assault Markers

Assault Orders/Assault Combat


Zones of Control

Morale Check

Effect of Woods

After Combat Withdrawal/Advance

Stacking and Facing Rules

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