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Red Menace

A White Dog Games Solitaire Series Game No. 1

Red Menace is an exciting solitaire game from designer R. Brent Ward. The first in the White Dog Games Solitaire Series, the game explores the tactical options in defending against a nuclear strike. Red Menace will be available in boxed, folio and print-and-play formats. 



MSRP   $35.00

WDG Sale Price  $28.00


MSRP  $26.00

WDG Sale Price $22.00


WDG Sale Price $15.00



Domestic (USA) $12.00

International $20.00

Italy $22

​Canada $15.00


Domestic (USA) $6.00

International $15.00

Italy $17

​Canada $8

Shipped by UPS. Shipping prices reflect the increased cost of shipping.

Boxed Red Menage

I found that I enjoyed it quite a bit. There is some tension as things get busy on the map and then Soviet bombers get closer to their targets. It is awesome to see your streams of B-52s making for their Soviet cities. -- Eric Lai (gamer)

Game Features

Solitaire Game

Three Scenarios

Strategic Bombers

Aerial Refueling, Interceptors, Early Warning Airplanes

Random Events

Game Components

17" x 11" Game Board

154 3-4" Direct-Printed, Laser-Cut, Thick Counters and Markers

12-Page Color Rulebook

Three Reference Sheets

3 x 6-sided Dice


Designed by R. Brent Ward

Developed by Barry Kendall

Art by Charlie Samways, Zac Vee

Playtest by Chris Hansen, John McDonald, Yves Roig, Walter Hearne

​Produced by Michael W. Kennedy

Vassal Module by Art Bennett


"A 10! ...Simply one of the best games and most fun I have had in some time. It is nicely set at a simple level for the period as the two sides imagined it might be - this is pre- ICBM period. If the US sub survives to get off 3 missiles, the Soviets are in trouble. Just enough strategy to not make it feel like you're just moving stuff - but not so much that it degrades the joyful aspect of this game...The negatives - gee, I didn't really see any. The designers intent was met as they designed a game around what the perceptions were - and not the reality per se of the era. As such one can only but conclude this is an overwhelming success in terms of game design, playability and fun." The Verdict on RED MENACE by White Dog Games is WOWSER!" -- Robert Smith, Panzer Digest

"...can provide an interesting narrative...a game (play) to remember."

Scot Krol, Grogheads


"Good times. I love this game- it's simple, which usually isn't my thing, but it's light and I love classic aviation hardware.  Jeff Dougherty, Designer of Persian Incursion"

Red Menace is no longer available from White Dog Games.

Download and print additional copies of the player reference sheets for Red Menace for free or you can photocopy the sheets provided in the game.


The Strategic Deployment and Scramble Rules introduce a new way to play Red Menace.  These rules add more decisions for the player and increase the challenge in just three pages.  You may download these rules for FREE here.


The Vassal module for the game now includes these supplementary rules.

Counters Markers from Red Menace

Snap thanks to Jared Kishbaugh


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