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At Neuve Chapelle

March 10 - 12, 1915

With stunning map and cover graphics by Mike Mirfin and Tom Cundiff's beautiful counter art, At Neuve Chapelle is a simulation of the World War One battle.
At Neuve Chapelle is available in boxed, folio and print-and-play formats. Click the drop-down menu to select format and destination. Price includes shipping and handling.
Vassal Module Available With Purchase Of Any Game Format On Request
At Neuve Chapelle Game Components

At Neuve Chapelle provides a tactical simulation of the World War I battle. The British attempted to reduce a poorly-defended German salient centered on the town of Neuve Chapelle. Plans were to expand a breakthrough and with cavalry and infantry reserves take the Aubers ridge line. However, poor communication and coordination and the weather conspired to slow the initial British successes and allowed the German army to rush reinforcements into the area. Among other game features, At Neuve Chapelle uses offensive artillery and defensive artillery fire, British command checks, and a unique assault combat mechanic to simulate the bloody struggle.


   176 5/8” Laser-Cut Counters and Markers

   22” x 17” Game Map in Two 17” x 11” Sections

   4-Page Rule Book   




Design by Michael W. Kennedy

Map and Cover Art by Mike Mirfin

Counters by Tom Cundiff

Play Testing by Hermann Luttman, Chris Hansen, Frank Fitzpatrick

Vassal Module by Art Bennett



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At Neuve Chapelle "gives a first hand experience of these historical events...gets the job a historical game it is a good is a game I enjoyed."

- from Marco Arnaudo's video review.


The living rules for At Neuve Chapelle include a modifiesd Victory Points Table and variants for British command and German reinforcements as well as a what-if scenario allowing for British full supply of artillery shells. 

One review of the game reported a poorly cut countersheet. That was a rare exception to our excellent print standards and it was unfortunate that the reviewer did not ask for a replacement set of counters or even bother to report the problem to us before doing his review. We do not recall anyone reporting this problem with a Neuve Chapelle order to us and we have sold many copies of the game. However, if you purchased the game (or any title) and experienced this problem, please do let us know and we will ship you a free replacement set of counters.

Section of Vassal Module Screen

"...thank you for forwarding this game so quickly - arrived in UK in about a week . I conduct Battlefield Studies and am out to Neuve Chapelle with a group next week.  Your game has helped me with my research and I appreciate you making the effort to tackle one of the less known WF battles that, of course, happened 100 years ago today."  Ranald Shepherd, March 10, 2015

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