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Hannibal Against Roma

Hannibal Against Roma Screen Shot

The game begins with the Roman port of Saguntum in Hispania under siege by Carthaginian forces and Illyria revolting against Roma. Celt and Macedon forces remain neutral - for now. There are 19 game turns. Each game turn represents a year starting with the year 536 AUC (ab urbe condito). The Second Punic War has begun...



Hannibal Against Roma is a strategic/campaign level simulation of the Second Punic War. Designed to have the look and feel of a table-top board game, the friendly user interface implements the game's rules for the player. There is a turn for each historical year of the war. A turn can be a campaign year in which the sides conduct movement as well as combat or a non-campaign year when only sieges are conducted. Carthago starts off with larger forces but Roma's deep manpower reserves will tell. Players must protect their capitals while attempting to conquer their opponent. A production-style game, each city can produce units for the two armies. Roman cities generate legions and fleets while Carthaginian cities can produce Spanish infantry, Carthaginian Citizens, Numidian Cavalry, War Elephants, Slingers, and fleets. Hannibal and the Roman general Scipio can potentially affect the outcome of a battle. Fleets transport combat units as well as blockade enemy cities. Syracuse, Macedon and the north-Italo Celts can ally against Roma. The game can end quickly as the Romans had wished or it could last for almost two decades. It is up to you.



Siege Combat

Fleet Transports

City Unit Production

Special Carthaginian Units

Friendly User Interface

How to Play Guide


​Developed using Windows 7


Design and programming by Michael W. Kennedy

Map Art by Michael W. Kennedy

Counter Drawings: Staniomikov

Counter Painting: Tom Cundiff

Above: Screen shot of Hannibal Against Roma

Below: Land Combat Marker

Hannibal Against Roma is a computer game for the PC. 

Coming soon!

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