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"(A Spoiled Victory) is easily the best States of Siege game in my collection..." - Rob C.

"Thanks! Really pumped about this game, your catalog of games and the whole indie vibe of your enterprise. Awesome all around!" Costa Z.



       "Entertaining. Unpredictable. Never the same twice.

A challenge. And fun."

               - The Boardgaming Life


"...another fine Hermann Luttmann design...A SPOILED VICTORY is a solid, nail-biting solitaire WW II game..."  

               - Jeff McAleer, The Gaming Gang


“You can never talk to a fool. Hitler spoiled the chance for victory.” - General Wilhelm von Thoma, Chief of the Tank Section of OKH, June 4, 1940

A Spoiled Victory is a solitaire game designed by Paul Fish and Hermann Luttmann that challenges the player with making decisions similar to what the British command was required to make during the evacuation at Dunkirk in May-June of 1940. Points are allocated each turn for defense of the perimeter, creation of evacuee units, and moving evacuees from the beaches to the safety of England. You cannot save them all, so you must pick who will stay and fight and who will escape to fight another day. The level of victory or defeat is measured by the number of troops and the amount of equipment that is saved through evacuation. See the Boardgaming Life review of the game.

Game Map

" excellent game...fairly easy to learn, difficult to master." - Peregrine Nicholls


" ingenious game...will be well appreciated by solitaire afficianados..."

- Walter Hearne


Click to view Marco on A Spoiled Victory: "Fun, entertaining, challenging...full of tension and meaningful decisions...a very good marriage between mechanics and theme which is not something you see every rewarding...feels right historically...manages to capture layers of nuances of the to play..."

"I enjoyed playing the game,,,a great design."

- Albert Hernandez, 1 Player Podcast

A copy of the Vassal module for A Spoiled Victory is available on request.

Click here for a review of A Spoiled Victory at The Boardgaming Way.


17" x 11" Game Map

16-Page Rulebook

36 Action Cards (NEW! Thicker Cards)

88 Double-Sided, 5-8" Counters and Markers

1 Reference Sheet

1 Double-Sided Setup and Events Sheet


Note: Dice are not included with the game.



Counters and Markers Sample

Steve Atkins has posted print-and-play ASV cards on BGG for free download. These cards have been modified for easy printing and to better resemble cards.

Action Card

"I’m enjoying your games. Just finished my first game of A Spolied Victory, Dunkirk 1940. I scored 39 points. I’m sure I played incorrectly here and there. But certainly got the hang of it. It’s a fun game." - Joe L.

ox Cover Botom

"Given I got this game for free, I am astonished at how good it is. It is easily the best States of Siege game in my collection and anyone interested in Operation Dynamo, or would just like to play a short(ish) but very exciting solitaire game should acquire this title." - Rob C.

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