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"A success!" William J.

"Bravo!" - Joseph L.

"The definitive solitaire version of the battle of Waterloo."  Alexander J.

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VIVE L' EMPEREUR is an exciting, solitaire wargame depicting the Battle of Waterloo fought on June 18, 1815. Controlling the French side as the Emperor Napoleon, you have conducted a brilliant campaign so far against not one, but two, Allied armies, defeating Field Marshal Blucher’s Prussians at Ligny and forcing the Anglo-Allied army under the Duke of Wellington to retreat from Quatre Bras. You have sent a wing of your army under Marshal Grouchy to keep the Prussians and the British-Dutch armies separate. Meanwhile, Wellington and his Dutch allies with 68,000 men have fallen back to a ridge line before the small town of Waterloo. On this rainy and muddy day, your 72,000-strong French army must defeat the Anglo-Allied Army before the Prussians can regroup, avoid Grouchy, and arrive on the battlefield. Are you up for the challenge?

Vive L’Empereur is a hex-and-counter war game that uses a chit-pull system to generate random force activations for both sides. The Anglo-Allied and Prussian forces (the forces of the solitaire side) move and conduct combat using random instructions from the game’s Activation Table.

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AGE: 12+
TIME TO PLAY: 3+ hours



  • One 17x22" inch Game Map

  • 162 game pieces

  • Two Player Aid Sheets

  • One Example of Play Booklet

  • One Rulebook



Game Design: Hermann Luttmann/
Fred Manzo
Game Art: Jose Ramon Faura
Box Design: Mark Mahaffey
Developed and Produced by Michael W. Kennedy

Copyright 2023 © White Dog Games.

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"I have a new favorite...Vive L'Empereur from White Dog Games. Solitaire with a pretty slick bot playing the Allies/Prussians. I've only played a few turns but I am definitely liking what I'm seeing. Kudos to the designer. I hope this one's a success so that this system can be applied to other battles."  - William J.

"You have my vote to create more Napoleonic Battles
under your Vive Le Empereur system. I haven’t finished
Waterloo yet, but already know I want more.
* it’s fun
* It’s quick
* it’s easy to learn
* it’s not rules heavy
* chit pull makes it replayable
* chit pull makes it exciting
* while simple to learn, it isn’t a simple game

I could go on!
Bravo!" - Joseph L.

"I have to say I'm very much enjoying VLE. Overall, it is a very interesting, unique take on the battle. The chit-mechanism guarantees repeat play, the AI sometimes really surprises, and the drama is there. The immersion works, and the beautiful counter and map design help to create an atmospheric impression of that fateful day that decided the future of Europe. With its few flaws, I already regard the game as the definitive solitaire version of the Battle of Waterloo." - Alexander J.

Errata of the rules and Activation Tables can be found in the Files section of BoardGameGeek. Printed rules will reflect errata changes in BGG to near date of printing.

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