Until further notice we are not fulfilling individual boxed or folio orders outside of the continental USA. This is a temporary measure based on assessments we have received of foreign postal services being able to deliver shipments from the USA during the CV-19 pandemic. Boxed and folio orders to postal addresses in the USA will continue to be fulfilled as normal as well as print-and-play (PnP) orders from anywhere in the world.


If you are "sheltering at home", this is a great opportunity to play a WDG game. We have many exciting solitaire games to choose from. Of course, two-player games can also be played by one person. And all of our games are available in PnP format.


WDG is making a special offer. For a limited time, each PnP title purchased can be upgraded to a folio or boxed game of the same title whenever the buyer wishes simply by making a request by email. A PayPal invoice will be sent to you to purchase a boxed or folio copy of the game with your PnP purchase fully deducted from the cost of the hard copy version of the game. (Note that we will not ship outside of the USA until we feel that shipping to foreign destinations is reliable.) This allows you to play the game now and get a hard copy later if you wish for a total cost no more than the cost of the hard copy.


An outbreak of Zeds has been detected in the USA! The outbreak is spreading quickly. As the head of the USA government, you must utilize every resource at your disposal to stop this dangerous threat, including deploying the Army and the National Guard.  Sound familiar? World War Zed: USA is the perfect solitaire game for these stay-at-home times and belongs to the categories of family games and war games. Available in folio and boxed hard copy formats shipped to you. Or get this exciting game now by email download in print-and-play (PnP) format.  A Vassal module of WWZ: USA is available with purchase of any format of the game.


The First Jihad
The Rise of Islam
September Storm
The Invasion of Poland
War in the West
Jeff Davis
The Confederacy at War
World War Zed: USA
A Solitaire Strategy Game
They Fell Like Stones
Isandlwana 1879
The White Tribe
Rhodesia's War 1966 - 1980
Albuera 1811
Peninsular War
The Lion of Khartoum
Gordon's Last Stand
Margaret Thatcher's War
The Falklands 1982
The Confederate Rebellion
American Civil War
The Last Stand
Little Big Horn

We print orders on demand. Please allow up to three weeks for delivery. Our games can also be purchased from Noble Knight Games in the USA and Second Chance Games. Hexasim, Gamer's HQ, Boutique Agorajeux, Boutique Philibert, and Brave New World in Europe.  These distributors may be able to fill your orders sooner.

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"Thanks for putting out such terrific games!" - R Moses

Albuera 1811

Peninsular War

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